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Power. Kingdoms. Lust. And the Will of one (anti-) hero who wants to do everything he can to conquer the one enemy he cannot beat: Death. Based on the epic from Mesopotamia, one of the oldest pieces of literature known to us today, Gilgamesh - A Musical Epic is a story of how Man went from Animal to God, told in the form of an epic rock opera with a live band. We bring together the rocky deserts of the mythical Middle East and the electrifying energy of Rock to challenge the gods themselves.


Created by Ian Wehrle (Music) and Peter Petkovsek (Book, Lyrics), this new musical follows the Mesopotamian hero-king Gilgamesh on his quest to become immortal. Gilgamesh was an historic Sumerian king who hovered on the border between history and myth. Soon after his death his feats were turned into legend and a millenium later amassed into the standard (Babylonian) version of the Epic as we know it today.


As the story goes, Gilgamesh was a tyrant to his people. In response, the gods create an equal by the name of Enkidu. Instead of defeating Gilgamesh, they become friends and together slay the monster Humbaba and the Heavenly Bull. When Gilgamesh rejects the advances of the goddess Ishtar, Enkidu dies as punishment, and the king feels the fear of death for the first time. He sets out on a long quest which brings him to the end of the world where Uta-Napishti, the survivor of the Great Flood lives. In the end, Gilgamesh must face his own mortality and learn to be a Man.

Gilgamesh - A Musical Epic opened at the Connelly Theatre, New York, on April 1, 2015. Photos by Carol Rosegg.

Gilgamesh - A Musical Epic


at the Connelly Theatre


Based on the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh

Directed by Peter Petkovsek

Produced by Invisible Wall Productions Inc. and Columbia Stages

Book and Lyrics by Peter Petkovsek

Music and Sound Design by Ian Wehrle

Graphic Design by Eva Mlinar

Lighting Design by Yuki Nakase

Set Design by Kimie Nishikawa

Costume Design by Brynn Almli

Hair Design by Patrick Kyle

Choreography by Musa Hitomi

Music Direction by Ian Wehrle

Assistant Music Director Noriko Sunamoto

Production Stage Manager Zhenghao Zhang

Stage Manager Miranda Swineford

Assistant Stage Manager Kirk Laing

Assistant Choreographer Jarvis Griggs

Associate Costume Designer Nina Vartanian

Scenic Charge Tara Daino



Matthew Dunivan* (Gilgamesh)

Ben Mulgrew (Enkidu)

Kat Sallet (Shamhat)

Taryn Tonelli* (Ishtar)

Carson Grant* (Narrator, Uta-Napishti)

Ambar Aranaga (Ensemble)

Elena Glass (ensemble)

Justy Kosek (Ensemble)

Mary Linehan* (Ensemble)

Chris Morriss (Trapper, Ensemble)

Jillian Schiralli (Ensemble)

Zach Solomon (Ensemble)

Viet Vo* (Ensemble)



Ian Wehrle (Music Director, Keyboard)

Noriko Sunamoto (Assistant Music Director, Keyboard)

Zac Selissen (Guitar)

Adam Sica (Guitar)

Enrique Mancia (Bass)

Christopher Burns (Drums)

Watch the teaser video!

The production of Gilgamesh - A Musical Epic at the Connelly Theatre was generously supported by:


Vicki Olsson, Marko Petkovsek, Peter Weiss, Alice Xie, Andrew Cameron, Carson Grant, Pearl Kermani, Clare Ainsworth, Mila Ursic, Nicole Aubrey, Nicholle Kun, Marjetica Lapajne, Beth Wann, Vijay Bethi, Aurore Fourney, Ana Petkovsek, Belinda Morriss, Lorcan Le Pen, Rok Robeznik, Natalie Gershtein, Joy Schroder, Miha Hribernik, Daniel Goscicki, Janie Aquilina, Anouk Kemp, Kristina Rihter, Ginger Reiter, Jane Wynter, Lily Ainsworth, Valerie O'Hara, Michael Donaldson, Jin Hashimoto, Jose Gandia, Aaron Simms, and Anonymous Donors

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