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"Why is it the Devil rages so incessantly in the South? The American South is a place of deep, living contradictions, and the steady presence of the Confederate flag is a relentless reminder that we have yet to decide what to do about historical accountability. Can Southerners love the South independent of its legacy of bigotry, racism, extremism, and lost causes? The story of a culture can't be whittled down to a single plot, which is why Od is a landscape, or a labyrinth, worth exploring in spite of the many dark passages and dead ends it contains. I'm so grateful to the production and design artists, and the many actors that put much more than their time and effort into making Od a real live play."

Hannah Bisewski



Inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov's Master and Margarita and the true story of the Inman twins, called by Rolling Stone's Sabrina Rubin Erdely 'the poorest rich kids in the world', Od is a fascinating tale combining universal questions about free will with the very real issues of race and family. Caralee and Braxton Crandall, twins often left locked up in their room by their abusive drug-addict father, become the subject of a wager between the Devil himself, and a lawyer currently residing in hell. The question is, does free wil exist? The twins are given a special power, 'Od', with which they can take their lives into their own hands. But will they?


A circus troupe of demons, a talking cat, a children's interpretation of the Adam and Eve story, puppetry and live video, all set in the southern town of Charleston ...

Od opened at Schapiro Theatre in New York on March 13, 2014. Photos by Alex Joy Pucci.



at Schapiro Theatre


Written by Hannah Bisewski

Directed by Peter Petkovsek

Produced by Shiva Kalaiselvan

Dramaturgy by Cameron Jefts

Graphic Design by Eva Mlinar

Set Design by Sara Sciabbarrasi

Costume Design by Hannah Bisewski and Crystal Lee

Lighting Design by Yuki Nakase and Sunny Ma

Sound Design by Adam Clementson

Stage Managment by Colleen Lacy and Jenny Ainsworth

Fight Consultation by Torrey Wigfield

Video by Anne Beauge and Vincent Thepaut



Dino Petrera (Braxton Crandall)

Mary Linehan* (Caralee Crandall)

Emily Steck (Georgia Crandall and Elsie Bagwell)

Hardy Pinnell* (Walker Crandall and Joe Christmas)

Melanie Scheiner (Eve)

Felix Jones (Adam)

Aaron Morton (Bobcat)

Michael Brahce (Horace Gilmer)

Elena Levenson (Squirrell Tooth Alice)

Crystal Lee (Babette)

Jarvis Griggs (Olivier)

Jovan Davis (Viltz)

Cameron Jefts (White Viltz)

Brendan Sokler (Eli Barnwell)

Bryan Lewis (Maddox Henry)

Elise Williams (Miss Ann)


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