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The Ghost of Cantervile is a story about a slightly conceited, slightly grumpy ghost Sir Simon de Cantervile who enjoys his own laugh, but is forced to roam his former mansion as punishment for the crime committed against his wife. The mansion is bought by the pragmatic family of the American ambassador who becomes the next unsuspecting target of Sir Simon. But he will have to give it all he has in order to scare this family. And then there is the prophecy, engraved above the library window ...


This show, an adaptation of the short story by Oscar Wilde, was the first production of Teater Megaron.

The Ghost of Cantervile opened at the Institution of St. Stanislav in Ljubljana on May 4, 2005. Photos by Žiga Sojar.

The Ghost of Cantervile


at the Institution of St. Stanislav


Written by Oscar Wilde

Devised by the Cast and Crew 

Directed by Peter Petkovšek

Set Design by Eva Ferk, Eva Mlinar and Mina Arko

Lighting Design by Martina Kadunc

Graphic Design by Eva Ferk

Technician Rok Robežnik



Matej Rajk (Sir Simon de Cantervile)

Ožbej Peterle (Current Lord Cantervile)

Jurij Vene (Mr. Ambassador Otis)

Kristina Rihter (Lucretia Otis)

Peter Petkovšek (Washington Otis)

Lea Mencinger (Virginia Otis)

Ana Marinčič (1st Twin Otis)

Vesna Valenčič (2nd Twin Otis)

Hana Katarina Smolej (Mrs. Umney)

Gašper Sojar (Cecil of Cheshire)

Primož Herga (Butler for Signs)

Eva Ferk (Widowed Duchess)


All actors played other minor roles as well



Anže Arko (Violin)

Jurij Porenta (Violin)

Ambrož Arko (Cello)

Miha Friedrich (Percussion)

Gašper Sojar (Accordeon)

Petra Janžekovič (Flute)

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