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Tennessee William's classic text about a young man struggling with his sexuality, self-loathing and guilt.

Big Daddy Pollitt is the biggest plantation owner in Mississippi, but he's dying of cancer while his family lies to him about his condition on his 65th birthday. The battle for inheritance is on between his two daughters-in-law, Maggie and Mae, married to the brothers Brick and Gooper, respectively. Gooper wants his father's acceptance while Brick, who is the only family member Big Daddy feels love for, rejects it, drowning his guilt in alcohol over his best friend's and potential love interest's premature death. Big Mama, Big Daddy's wife of forty years, tries to keep spirits up, but it's up to Maggie 'The Cat' to figure out how to deal with this larger than life family destroying itself from the inside.

The breeze on the delta might be cool and refreshing, and the day is one of celebration, but there are no real winners on this plantation.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opened on March 30 2017 at the Collins Auditorium at Fordham University in New York. Photos by Madeleine Burrow.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


at the Collins Auditorium

Written by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Peter Petkovsek

Produced by Mark Simeon

Lighting Design by Jaime Terrazzino

Sound Design by Katie Dolan

Set Design by Megan O'Keeffe

Costume Design by MaryKate Glenn and Andrew Milligan

Staged Managed by Mia Ciravolo and Susanna McNatt

Prop Design by John Schebece

Graphic Design by Madeleine Burrow


MaryKate Glenn (Maggie)

Christian Eble (Brick)

Tom Cobb (Big Daddy)

Katie Dolan (Big Mama)

Mary Kate O'Toole (Mae)

Michael Beaute (Gooper)

Sean Coffey (Doctor Baugh)

Jaime Terrazzino (Reverend Tooker)

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