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Collaborators and Friends

Yesigong Project: A wonderful creative outfit from Korea

Jenny Ainsworth, Invisible Wall Productions: Fabulous producer and stage manager


Eva Mlinar: Graphic designer with an unforgettable style


Peter Zargi: Composer and musician of epic proportions

Kimie Nishikawa: Phenomenal set designer

Yuki Nakase: Lighting and set designer, and miracle worker

Chris Murrah: Incredible director and leader


Dara Malina: Awe-inspiring director and performance artist


Maridee Slater: Fierce director and creator


Ian Wehrle: Astounding musician, composer and well of ideas


Kea Trevett: Remarkable actress


Michael Donaldson: Chameleonic actor


Jeanne Joe Perrone: Fantastic actress


Vivien von Abendorff: Astonishing artist in numerous fields


Mary Linehan: Actress with never-ending energy


Michael Dunnivan: Stupendous actor and superb photographer

Janez Polc: Marvelous all-rounder







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