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Scrapland opened on June 3rd 2016 at the Wintercheck Factory in Brooklyn. Photo by Matthew Dunnivan.

 A family struggles to remain standing after the loss of its patriarch, while disaster stalks them from beyond their home. A soldier marches home through the detritus of a bombed-out American city, unsure what awaits him but hopes for the best. Neither here nor there, Scrapland is a place torn to shreds by a violence that erupts from the inside and seeps from the outside, where sanctuary is no longer a place but a placating fantasy.

Our production is an exploration of the politics of space through installation, performance, and design elements: in dire circumstances, who is given the privilege of sanctuary, and for how long?  Participants are subject to the constant redrawing of borders, both political as the war zone closes in, and in performance, as the spaces between participant and performer alter and collapse.  


Jarvis Griggs*
Folami Williams*
Melanie Scheiner
Kea Trevett*
Kenard Jackson*
Allison Minick*
Matthew Dunivan*
Aaron Morton*

Written by Hannah Bisewski  / Directed by Peter Petkovsek / Dramaturgy by Stephen Christensen 


*Appearing courtesy of the Actors Equity Association

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