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There’s a table in one corner, a communal kitchen for dough pleasures. The repetition of even the smallest actions, are the most meaningful gift you are given, appreciate it and fulfill the task with love. A micro garden in honor of Hieronymus Bosch. In order to take care of the plants, please take out your shoes. You can take some of the water spray and moisturize the plastic plants. Farther, two chairs: our cuddling divan. The encounters here, are all about spatial configurations, about body language and micro expressions. Every time you are there and every time someone or something is with you, you are reminded of ephemerality. The closet is a place to indulge in the fluidity of our identities. An overhead projector somewhere in the space, a reminder of the ones that fought before our time.

All that pressure got us down. Has our head spinning round. Freak out. Freak c'est chic.

Eden Part III opened at the Ford Studio at Signature Theater on May 10, 2017  as part of the New Plays Festival. Photos by Matt Dunivan.

Eden Part III: No Lessons Learnt


at the Signature Theater


Co-Created and Peformed by

Alex Viteri

Peter Petkovsek

Ron Orlovsky

Dimitri Ivanov

Lighting Design by Colm McNally

Make-Up by Ciara Glionna

Staged Managed by Patty Garvey

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