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The story of Electra is part of the Greek mythology surrounding the Atreides family. Upon his victorious, but long overdue return from the Trojan War, the commander of the united Greek forces and king of Argos, Agamennon, is slaughtered by his wife Clytemnestra who takes an axe to him as he is bathing. She is taking revenge for the sacrifice of their daughter Iphigenia whom Agamemnon killed after the seer Tyresias prophesized that the sacrifice would be the only way to have the gods give favourable winds to the Greek fleet. Clytemnestra is also not happy with Cassandra, the Trojan seer mistress that Agamemnon brought home with him. She disposes of her as well and consorts with Aegisthus, her husband's cousin.


After the king's death, his son Orestes is sent into hiding while his daughter Electra stays in Argos pining for revenge. When Orestes finally returns, all there is left is to plot the death of the culprits. But will they be able to kill their own mother?


Electra is unique in the leftover cannon of Greek tragedies, because three versions of the story, from the three biggest playwrights (Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides) have survived till now. Each treats the material in his own way, showing us the changing social and itellectual context of the times. From a world full with gods and only starting to change into democracy in Aeschylus to a question of revenge in Sophocles and a much more ethic dillema in Euripides, Electra grows before our eyes into a red-blooded human being close to us.


The show, produced by the theatre company Teater Megaron, is almost exclusively based on the script by Sophocles, but has some additions of Euripides' version.

Electra opened at the St. Stanislav's Institution on April 3rd, 2009. 


It was also performed at:

- the Cultural Home of Vipava (April 2009)

- the Cultural Home of Smarje at Jelse (May 2009)


Photos by Gregor Gomboši.

See the trailer



at St. Stanislav's Institution


Written by Sophocles and Euripides

Directed by Peter Petkovšek

Produced by Teater Megaron

Music by Peter Žargi

Set Design by Eva Mlinar

Graphic Design and Website by Janez Polc

Costume Design by Eva Mahkovic

Costume Design Associates: Kristina Čižman and Erna Ostanek

Make-up Design by Eva Mlinar and Maja Milač

Choreography by Tjaša Mislej

Technicians: Peter Trinkaus, Jure Škafar and Rok Robežnik

Marketing: Matija Rihter



Alenka Može (Electra)

Janez Polc (Orestes)

Vesna Valenčič (Chrysothemis)

Kristina Rihter (Clytemnestra)

Metod Čepar (Aegisthus)

Peter Petkovšek (Tutor)

Gašper Sojar (Leader of Chorus)

Petra Janžekovič (Chorus)

Maja Milač (Chorus)

Kristina Čižman (Chorus)

Hana Katarina Smolej (Chorus)

Andreja Udovč (Chorus)

Listen to the story of the Atreides family (Slovenian)

The Atreides -
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Listen to the theme song of the show

Electra Theme Song - Peter Žargi
00:00 / 00:00

Watch a clip from the show!

"The staging of this work about a blood vendetta, hidden frustration, redemption, the struggle between nobility and revenge, pity and sacrifice, obsession and grief, a mother's despair and a violent passion for a brother, reason and madness, is a fresh and original twist on the usual experience of Greek theatre. With its artistic sophistication on many levels, it wants and can evoke a keen interest and genuine aesthetic pleasure in a contemporary spectator".

Anja Cimerman, from the review in the journal Družina

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