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Two performers: a girl and her assistant. An iPhone, a Macbook and Twitter. A 21st century adaptation of a 2500 year-old story. Our playful tragedy is about a generation of revolutionaries who’d rather rebel via Facebook than actually do something. It is about politicians twisting the truth, about how stories and images are created, but especially about Antigone who just can’t seem to be Antigone. 


Produced and devised by The Zeitgeist Chorus, a text-based theatre group initiated by Vivien von Abendorff and Kalki Aporos. The Others get inspiration from classics, and through a devising process create original work, specifically investigating the dilemmas of today. ‘The Others’ are the other collaborators, often from different cultural backgrounds. But ‘The Others’ are also the East Europeans when performing in Amsterdam, or the Londoners when in Belgrade. ‘The Others’ also represent the outside world; the chorus; society with its assumptions, judgements and unspoken rules; the media. These are themes in this production, and will feature in future work.


These characters dare to show what society says we must hide: our fears, flaws and vulnerabilities in the hope that this honesty creates empathy, and helps the audience recognise the other in themselves.


In this adaptation, Antigone lives in a contemporary world, uses Twitter, Google and iPhone apps, inspiring herself with groups like Femen and Pussy Riot to contradict the orders of her uncle, king Creon. But the truth is not always what you see in the media, as she is about to find out ...


Karen O'Rourke: "This is a must see! Powerful. It absolutely demands that you react against the unjust way in which Antigone's spirit is broken and you spend the whole of the next day disgusted that you managed to forget about people like Yulia Tymoshenko once news of their arrest was replaced by more shocking or sensational..."

I Am Not Antigone was originally created as a collaboration between The Others and the Serbian National National Theatre in Vrsac, with the support of Amsterdam Art Fund and the European Cultural Foundation. Since then it has also been supported by St. Dunstan's College, London.


It premiered at the Oostblock Theatre in Amsterdam as part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September 2014. Since then it has performed in:

- National Theatre 'Sterija' in Vrsac, Serbia (November 2014)

- National Theatre in Novi Sad, Serbia (November 2014)

- National Theatre in Sombor, Serbia (November 2014)

- Bitef Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia (November 2014)

- National Theatre in Kraljevo, Serbia (November 2014)

- Basement Venue in Brighton, UK, as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival (May 2015), where it featured as one of the selected 'Window' shows

- Malostranska Besada Venue in Prague, Czech Republic, as part of the Prague Fringe Festival (May 2015)

Photos by Kalki Aporos

I Am Not Antigone 


at the Serbian National Theatre Sterija, Amsterdam Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Prague Fringe


Adapted from Sophocles and Jean Anouilh


Concept by Vivien von Abendorff and Kalki Aporos


Directed by Peter Petkovšek


Music by Joshua Emdon


Design by Sofija Lučić - Serbia, Amsterdam


Production Amy Hicks


Marketing Darinka Pilári


Technician Ilija Morimov - Serbia, Amsterdam


Technician Matt Lewis - Brighton



Vivien von Abendorff (Girl / Antigone / Ismene) 

Kalki Aporos (Assistant / Haemon / Creon) - Brighton, Prague 

Ivan Đorđević (Assistant / Haemon / Creon) - Serbia, Amsterdam


Watch the report on I Am Not Antigone from Radio Television Vojvodina:

... and the report from Radio Television Serbia:


"I am not Antigone is a thoughtful and dramatic multi-experiential piece of theatre that leaves the audience inspired with change"

Joe Weintraub - Prague Film & Theatre Centre



"One of the most interesting and thought-provoking productions I've seen for a long time... A powerful play, with a thoughtful message. A play that asked questions and offered no simplistic answers... It well deserved the thunderous applause it received at the end."

Strat Mastoris - Fringe Review



"This new production is a bold and innovative step to not only bring a classic Greek tragedy bang up to date but to make it relevant and resonating in today's world-using social media tools as a means to rebellion and political engagement -thus producing a modern tragedy"

David Rumelle - Remote Goat

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