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Inspired by the life of Griselda Blanco and the real events of current Tijuana. .


As the Day of the Dead approaches, Drug Cartel Queen LA NEGRA takes a ritualistic journey from child prostitute to Patron Saint of Mexican outcasts - Santa Muerte. Siete, her top drug pusher lover, a Gringo tourist painter, and hundreds of street children inhabit her world towards light and peace. The citizens of Tijuana, police officers and skull figures of the night force her to face her relentless darkness. These light and dark symbolic forces within her battle for the future of Mexico itself.









A workshop production of La Negra was produced at Schapiro Theatre as part of the Playwrights' festival at Columbia University. It opened on February 2nd, 2013. Photos by Joe Li. 

La Negra


at Schapiro Theatre


Written by Raquel Almazan

Directed by Peter Petkovsek



Raquel Almazan (La Negra)

Tauriq Jenkins (Siete)

Luca Nicora (Skull Figure)

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