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Miracles are Soft in the Jungle is a story inspired by true events. The Shuar people, a proud indigenous community that has lived in the jungles of Ecuador for thousands of years, has suddenly found itself in danger of extinction when large deposits of copper and gold were found underneath their land. The Ecuadorean government has sold mining concessions to global corporations despite clauses in the country’s constitution defending indigenous rights and the rights of nature. Huge open sky copper mines are destroying the jungle, polluting the water sources, and poisoning the environment. The Shuar, a nation with a strong warrior culture that was never defeated by the Spanish or the Inca, are fighting back, but the odds, interests and capital are stacked against them. Their leaders have been arrested, persecuted or even killed, while heavily armed military troops have been sent against them.

Their voices are being silenced.

Their story resembles that of Native Americans or any other indigenous group pushed to the side and ripped apart by interests of corporate greed. During our time with them in Ecuador, they generously invited us into their community, shared their rich culture, and honored us by offering the ritual drink of bonding, chicha. They asked us to help make their voices heard, their plight recognized, and the injustice brought to attention. Miracles are Soft in the Jungle is a response to that plea.

Miracles Are Soft in the Jungle opened on Aug 3, 2017, at the Teatro Circulo in New York as part of the Dramatic Adventure Theatre ACTion Fest 2017, 'Juntos, Mano a Mano: Hand in Hand'. Photos by Eddin Martinez Media

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Miracles are Soft in the Jungle


at Teatro Circulo


Co-Created and Peformed by

Antonia LaChe McCainA

Leslie Root

Karina Sindicich

Samuel Super

Directed by Peter Petkovsek

Dramaturgy by Ana Arellano and Gustavo Redin

​Lighting Design by Erin Jones

Set Design by Brendan Boston

Staged Managed by Claudia Toth

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