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Richard Kurth wrote, referring to Heine’s and Schubert’s Lied Doppelgänger: “The poem and the music are both acts of writing. They are also both acts of writing over. They each write over their own absence to make themselves present; and they also mutually write over and defer one another”. Theatre is a place where this phenomenon multiplies, creating a synthesis of various artistic ‘acts of writing’, from sound to space to gesture, all writing over and deferring to each other. We try to capture those brief moments of organic stability between these acts and, from one to the other, strive to keep in balance the fragile and ephemeral structure that results from this process. Sometimes we succeed, other times it all collapses.  Sometimes it will be described as poetic, other times as realistic, experimental, physical, nonsensical, or activist and socially engaged …


It’s always worth it.

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