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Project, Hong Do is a workshop-based virtual performance. The play is a modern adaptation of the Korean traditional play "Deceived in love and crying for money", written in 1936.

Project, Hong Do experiments with the elements of melodrama through the lens of a contemporary point of view in order to tell the story of a woman trying to break rigid social and gender rules with familial and romantic love.

The original historic Korean class tradition is mixed with western practices of today and diversified through the cast and crew, with the goal of a cultural collaboration that will bring something new to audiences from all sides of the world.

Project, Hong Do premiered on Aug 29 2020 as a virtual online performance.

Project, Hong Do


online at Yesigong Youtube Channel


Written and Adapted by Mimy Baek

Produced by Yesigong:

Producer Eunyoung Bona

Production Manager: MJ Kim 

Directed by Peter Petkovsek

Composed and Musically Directed by Peter Žargi


Michael Brahce (Chul Soo)

Grace Denoncourt (Hae Sook, Mother in Law)

Eunyoung Bona (The Narrator, Bong Ok)

Kenard Jackson (Wal Cho, Gwang Ho)

Shiva Kalaiselvan (Hong Do)

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