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In a kindgom far away, there grows a tree so tall that no one has ever seen its bough. The king announces that whoever manages to get to the top and bring him the fruit of the tree, will get the princess's hand in marriage, and become heir to the kingdom. 


Many try, but all fail, until one MAN finally finds an ingenious way to climb the tree successfully. But after a week of climbing, when he reaches the first branches, he stumbles upon a silver castle with three cursed girls inside. The real quest is just beginning ...


Based on a Slovenian fairy tale, The Weird Tree is a spiritual journey where making sense of the world means diving deep into the subconscious and figuring out the self first.

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The Weird Tree was originally produced at the Studio Theatre at Columbia University. It opened on October 3rd, 2013. Photos by Jocelyn Shratter. 

The Weird Tree


at Studio Theatre, Columbia University


Based on the Slovenian fairy tale The Weird Tree

Directed by Peter Petkovsek

Produced by Tim Jones



Laura Zlatos

Tinying Ma

Jocelyn Shratter

Peter Petkovsek

and devised by the Ensemble


Original music by Peter Žargi

Graphic Design by Eva Mlinar

Lighting Design by Sarah Lang

Staged Managed by Zhenghao Zhang and Jenny Ainsworth



Michael Donaldson

Ken Jackson

Jeanne Joe Perrone

Toni Goldman

Noelle Stewart

Narrator Seth Reich*

Listen to a track from the show!

Climbing the Tree - Peter Zargi
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