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What happens when a man with Korsakoff's syndrome suddenly and inexplicably loses his personality? And when, around this tabula rasa, a battle of two minds, belonging to two psychologists caring for him, begins: the first trying to bring him to a stable condition in which he would, no matter the level of his challenges, be safe and content; and the other, trying to force upon him a new vision of ethics, fill his super-perceptive state with knowledge and skills, and make him the first of a new generation of humans, a reworked Renaissance man of today?


What About Leonardo tries to explore these questions, and more. Can using Shakespeare as therapy work in rebuilding a world of relationships patterns and social interaction? Is there a story to every single man, and do we even have the right to one? Can love break through the rules and regulations of science and the interest of politics, or is innocence the force that reaches the very depths of human nature to wake up something primal and archetypal?


The play is the work of Slovenian playwright Evald Flisar and has been staged all over the world. This show was produced by Teater Megaron.




 What About Leonardo opened at the St. Stanislav's Institution on April 12th, 2007. 


It was also performed at:

- the Cultural Home of Komenda (April 2007)

- the Cultural Home of Smlednik (May 2007)

- the Cultural Home of Dreznica (June 2007)

- the Cultural Home of St. Anton (June 2007)


Photos by Tadej Bolta.

 What About Leonardo


at the St. Stanislav's Institution 


Written by Evald Flisar

Directed by Peter Petkovšek

Music by Peter Žargi

Graphic Design by Eva Ferk

Website by Janez Polc

Technicians Danijel Kurinčič and Primož Herga



Kristina Rihter (Dr. DaSilva)

Matej Rajk (Dr. Hoffman)

Gašper Sojar (Mr. Martin)

Anja Marija Arko (Nurse)

Vesna Valenčič (Rebecca)

Lea Mencinger (Twitching Joker and Mrs. Martin)

Janez Polc (Mr. Sideways)

Metod Čepar (Dogman)

Peter Petkovšek (Prof. Caruso)

Ana Marinčič (Mrs. Martin)

Hana Katarina Smolej (Mrs. Martin)

Miha Sojar (Dr. Roberts)

Primož Herga (Journalist)



Ambrož Arko (Cello)

Darja Bric (Vocals)

Miha Friedrich (Percussion)

Viljem Pregelj (Clarinet, Saxophone)


See the trailer for the show

Listen to a track from the show:

I am Silent - Peter Zargi feat. Darja Bric
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